About us

 AFFINARE  is from Italy ,  a manufacture specializing in producing bathroom products. It is mainly committed to creating exquisite bathroom living space for customers. Its production base is located in Foshan  of China, specializing in the production of soaking bathtub, massage bathtub,free standing mxier, wc toilet,shower & mixer, bathroom accessories .

Home is the harbor of the soul. Every host and hostess of the home has the pursuit of exquisite bathroom products. We are also very strict in the pursuit of product materials. The surface of the bathtub products is made of high-quality acrylic plates, which are comfortable in glossiness and texture and not easy to change color. The bathtub substrate is made of high-quality resin and glass fiber, which makes the cylinder body durable and well insulated. The bottom is made of high-quality stainless steel pipe as the support, which makes our bathtub more durable. Our water pump and air pump LX brand is adopted for thermostat, EU CE certification is passed, prow brand is adopted for computer control panel, German TUV certification is passed, the quality is stable and reliable,

The main body of faucet is made of all copper, the surface is plated with grade 10 which can pass the acid 24-hour salt spray test, the surface of faucet can still be clean and fresh after daily cleaning in humid environment, and the valve core is  SEDAL from Spain.

WC toilets made by high temperatue of 1200 degree made with strong body , full glazed full inlduce pipe inside with 1mm thickness, quality certified by CE , CUPC, ISO 9001, international quality standard.

AFFINARE  believes that the details determine the success or failure of a product. We guarantee that every product we provide to our customers is willing to be used for our own home. We hope that through high-quality products and warm services, your home can be made into a fine one To the warm harbor.

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